Change in the management team

We are pleased to announce that Peter Kröner, after 41 meritorious years, has handed over his companies shares to his son Andreas. As of the 1st of April 2023 Andreas and his mother Ute are equal partners in the management of the family business. 

A successful transition from one generation to the next represents a very important milestone for the future of the company. All the more company founder Peter Kröner is happy to pass on the baton to his son in order to safeguard the future of the company: “I am very glad that Andreas is going to take over and to continue to run the business – especially since this is not a natural thing to happen nowadays”. This has been confirmed by a recent KfW-study: According to this report, 70.000 planned family business transfers are in danger of failing until the end of this year due to a missing successor.*

Andreas Kröner gladly takes on this new task and addresses his staff: “I consider Peter Kröner GmbH as a joint project. Everyone of us is responsible for ensuring that our business remains competitive and that we can operate successfully on the world market. (…) Over the past few years we have focussed on reorganizing internal structures, and have successfully started implementing digital transformation processes. Proximity to our customers, innovative strength, sustainability and delivering high quality we consider as the cornerstones to ensure the competitiveness of our company also in the future”.

With eight years in the company Andreas has already set many priorities and implemented innovations, particularly in the fields of design and development as well as production. Lifelong learning and an approach of continuous improvement represent fundamental elements of his mindset and his actions.


*Source: from April, 27th 2023