Productupdate Clamping Flange 6030

News from our development team

From time to time, we check our products for possible improvements. Our clamping ring type 6030 is now available in a galvanised finish. The new surface finish has a much higher corrosion protection compared to the previous one.

Click here for the current catalogue sheet: Clamping flange type 6030 (update 01/2021)

More background information...

Due to the chemical properties of zinc, it can serve as a sacrificial anode and thus protect the actual component from corrosion. Even in the case of minor mechanical damage, corrosion protection is still guaranteed, preventing “rusting underneath”.

By the way: visually, there is hardly any difference to the previous coating. Only the colour temperature is somewhat “colder”. After some time, a patina typical of zinc builds up, which, however, does not harm the component.

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